Thursday, August 13, 2015

July 2015

Changes abound!!! A visit to San Luis Obispo to see Kara and Nick resulted in momentous decisions:
After 32 years in our home and 45 years in Southern California, we are moving to SLO!

Major decisions: Sell the house, rent a new house up there, cull through all our STUFF.
Trips to Goodwill, books to donate to the library, tons of STUFF to throw out, some to sell.

House sold in 10 days. Now for the inspections, the moving estimates, the gathering and filling of boxes. We secured a new rental home. Life is in session, adrenaline pumping. Feeling exhilarated at times and crazed at other times. But, it's all good! Time for change and new experiences!

June 2015

June was all about the Ladies Victorian Tea Party
to ease me into my 65th year.
There was a surprise element:
Queen Victoria herself made an appearance.
Played by the incredible Cecilia Urwin, who was interviewed by
Claire Boothe Luce (ably written and performed by Jacky Mason).
Old and new friends, cousins and fellow artists helped in
the celebration and it was more than I ever could have
imagined it would be.
Wonderful memories will carry me for a very long time.