Wednesday, December 21, 2016

December 2016

10 week old Gemma decked out in her
"Desperately Seeking Susan" outfit.

The world is a constant source of amazement to her.
She wants to take it all in!

November 2016

Baby Gemma as a six week old Kitty Kat.
Filling out and receiving constant love.
Each time I see her is a new
experience of wonderment.

And of course she needed a pilgrim girl outfit.....

October 2016

Friday, October 7, 2016,
Gemma November Bryden
entered this world at 8:09 am
Nearly seven pounds, so healthy
and her parents are so happy!
Looking at her in complete astonishment.
Vowing to look for the beauty and good
in our miraculous world.

September 2016

September was filled with more anticipation of the much
anticipated arrival of our granddaughter.
In the background is the mermaid wall quilt I made
for her. We won't know her name until
the day she is born in October!!

August 2016

August was all about baby showers for Kara and her
future daughter, due to arrive in October 2016.
Much joyous celebrating!