Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mixed Nuts

Sometimes encounters with nuts don't constitute an entire story, but more of a blurb.

Here is a small sampling from a bowl of mixed nuts:

- Ad Agency Nuts. There is a whole bowl of nuts dedicated to nuts that rise to the top of ad agencies. Technically, they are called Borderline Personalities. In laymen’s terms, they are the people who make you cry and then tell you your mascara is running and hand you a tissue. They violate common decency. And if you were ever to ask for an apology, they would not know what you are talking about nor would they even know how to give you an apology.

The Narcissist Nuts. These nuts only see their own kind in the nut bowl. They are not aware of any other kind of nut or nut bowl. Trying to engage with them will only bring loads of frustration. Stay away from this bowl.

Stage Mother Nuts. These women may have children in theater or not. The point is, these nuts only speak about their children and their activities. It’s a boring bowl. They are enmeshed in their kids’ lives. They may start freaking out about what college their kid will go to when the kid is in 8th grade, or younger, maybe. This bowl will waste your time.

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