Tuesday, April 3, 2012

C Is For Cold

Cold is a noun. We hate catching a cold and suffering through it.
Cold is an adjective. Todd gave you the cold shoulder. Cindy is a cold person. They have little affection.
And when cold is a feeling, I turn up the heat.
Cold is an adverb, as in Judy quit her job cold,
or she learned her speech cold.
I have had a cold, felt the people's coldness
and been cold to others. And I am generally 
cold and sitting next to a space heater.

Typing the word cold so many times, it looks so odd. I may have to look it up. Am I spelling it correctly. What an odd word with so many meanings.

The word cold is included in so many idioms: 
Catch a cold, in cold blood, in from the cold and left out in the cold.
And I'm starting to sound like Andy Rooney. I have no clever way of ending this, so we'll see where the letter D takes me tomorrow.

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