Sunday, April 29, 2012


Is there a more thrilling sporting event than the Summer X-Games. 
I mean the winter games are cool too, but there is snow to cushion the falls. 
The Summer X-Games are a demonstration of defying gravity.
Sitting at the Orange County Fairgrounds, watching the "Vert" was thrilling. I know I was there watching the competitor literally flying though the air, but thinking about the level of risk and athleticism involvedin pulling it off, are mind boggling.
The second the winner pulled off a 900 degree (or something like that) the crowd stood and cheered. They knew that the winner had been chosen. In nearly one hour of doing the Vert, this guy had just nailed it.
I came to love this sport very late in life and now I'm hooked. It's so new, so fresh, so remarkable.
Something I would never contemplate trying, but completely embrace. Look for me this summer in the OC, I'll be right there watching the vert and more!

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