Sunday, April 29, 2012

Youth Advocate

So one day I'm going about my business and the next I'm calling myself a Youth Advocate.
Why? Here's why:
As a young person you have needs but you do not have all the skills to get those needs met.
You just have not lived long enough.
I've been around the block a few times and am not afraid to speak up. I know how to use my words and who to speak to and how to pull in the resources I don't have.
I know how to write a proposal, find the information I need and where to go if I don't have what I need.
I can stand up to an adult who is trying to put me in the position of a child. No way I'm buying that.
So here I am advocating for young people who skateboard.
Skateboarding is not a crime, but the athletes who skateboard are treated like criminals and ticketed for practicing their sport.
I'm standing up for these kids. Draconian measures of punishing skaters with tickets is not the solution. We cannot just say no repeatedly to skaters. We must provide solutions such as a sanctioned space for skateboarding. People, be it young people or adults, will always find a way around a "no." 
I am for keeping kids out of harm's way and providing a safe place for them to recreate.
This is the responsibility of our cities, our neighborhoods and our neighbors.
It is all our responsibility to keep our kids safe.
Where do you stand on this?

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  1. Skateboarding should be treated just like any other sport. The city needs to provide a safe environment where kids can practice. As a skater growing up in Palos Verdes, there were not many options since all of the parks were far away. I would have to skate the church down the street from my house or at the schools after hours. Skateboarding is a healthy activity, it keeps kids happy, motivated, and out of trouble. A skatepark would be utilized at all times and would be a great investment for the city, let's make this happen!!!